Importers book Myanmar tur for lean season

December 6th, 2017 | APTSO EXPORTS™ | Tags:
Pulses importers have started booking tur in large quantities in Myanmar to ship into the country as and when the government opens up imports, possibly early next year.
Trade sources said corporate buyers, including multinational companies, had booked 300,000-400,000 tonnes of tur in Myanmar, one of the world’s largest exporters of pulses. They are planning to store their inventory in Myanmar till the government lifts restrictions on imports.
Till July, pulses importers were bringing the entire purchases directly to India. In August, the government restricted imports of tur in order to arrest its falling price and to help farmers with better realisation.
Indian traders’ presence in Myanmar will not only ensure tur supply during the lean season but also control its price. Indian consumers paid Rs 200 a kg for tur dal in April 2016.

Source: Business Standard

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